Am I the only one collecting these?

Exhibit A

Seriously...who collects this stuff??!!!

Years ago, back in 2008, I started collecting state quarters. For real. I thought..."Oh I will collect them for my children some day." Really?! Because I can see it sort of going down like this:

Lily and Luna: "Wow, I can't believe Mom is gone but thankfully, she left us this map of state quarters!" Their Husbands: ''Ummmm, yah, they aren't worth anything, they're like those Beanie Babies back in the 1990's!" Lily and Luna: "Yah, you are right, let's give them to Goodwill. Sorry Mom!"

So I tried to collect them for a few years anyway and recently when we moved, I found the map of the quarters packed away in a box and took it out and guess what is not finished? The map of quarters! Please see Exhibit A.

Ugh! Will someone else, pleeeease tell me that I am not the only lame person who did this?? lol Or if not, lie and tell you did, so I will feel better. lol ORRRR if you happen to have the missing states I me so I can get them from you. hee hee

What other things do you collect thinking your children will want them someday???


MISSING STATES: Alaska Arizona Hawaii Idaho Nevada New Mexico Oklahoma Washington Wyoming

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