Soooooo I made a Birthday whoospie for my daughter's birthday...

My daughter Lily turned nine a few weeks ago. All she has asked for the last six months is a bike. I started doing alot of online research and finally found that Walmart really had the best prices. So I showed Lily the different bikes on the website and she picked the one she liked. This was months ago. Fast forward to the day of her ninth birthday. We give her a little cupcake, no gift and off on her day she went. After summer camp, we picked her and her best friend Reese up and took them rollerskating for an hour. Afterwards, we told her she could go to dinner wherever she wanted to and she picked Taco Bell. Yes, a kid after my own heart but I digress. She said NOTHING allllll day about her present. It was like she forgot but that is one of many things I love about her, that she is just that super low-maintenance that she didn't even care about a birthday present cus she had a great day!

Anyway, when we got home that night, we surprised her with the bike and she got on it and it is TOO BIG! Not like a little too big, but like yeeeears too big. Big duh mommy! I never took her in to a store to get on one, I just thought well, this one says it will fit an eleven year old and yep, it sure does but being that she is ONLY nine...well, you do the math. This is what I like to call a #MommyFail SO back on the teeny tiny old bike she went.

Thankfully, I was planning on getting a bike anyway so this bike ended up being perfect for me. Yay! We went back to Walmart this weekend, found a bike HALF of the already inexpensive price of the other bike (now mine) and it alllll worked out.

She has been out every day riding everywhere in our new neighborhood in the country and couldn't be happier! Now that's a #MommyWIN! Better late than never!


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