Sometimes I just don't wannnnnna share!

Dear Children of mine,

Step away from the kitchen, you are NOT getting my candy. Thank you.

Love, Mommy

Seriously, I am ALL about sharing. I will share my clothes, my food, my snacks, my drinks...whatever. I will share them with anyone and everyone! However, there is ONE candy, I would like to eat ALL BY MY SELF. My strawberry candies from France. Years ago, my French friend Stephanie brought me back these treats when she came back from a visit to her hometown of Paris. These little red things are the yummiest candy I have ever had. I let my daughter try them at the time and she fell in love too. Now, she wants to eat them anytime she sees a bag which is only about twice a year. Is it bad that I don't want to share them? I share EVERYTHING but this is the one little treat I would like to enjoy alone. lol So I hide them in another bag and put them in my underwear drawer. Is that bad?

PLEASE tell me you guys do this too!!


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