Yep...this is a picture of my childhood home!

I loved my childhood home. I grew up in No. Hollywood, California and I loved our house. I mean, LOOOOOOVED! We had a three-bedroom, one bathroom house in an awesome neighborhood filled with tons of friends who became our family! Friends I have to this day! After my grandparents decided to move in with us when we were little, my parents converted the patio into a little add on and they lived with us until well after I moved out of the house. I loved having them there! We all shared a kitchen and we never had birthday parties at jumpy places, roller rinks or kiddie spas...we just celebrated at home with family, neighbors and sometimes an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. It was a very simple house, just like the neighborhood.

My brother and I both eventually moved out but my parents stayed there until 2001. I was so SAAAAAD when they sold that house and moved to New Bern, NC. Even though I had already moved to Nashville, I felt like a piece of my childhood was gone. I realized though eventually, that it wasn't "the house" that gave me the memories but the neighborhood and the people in the neighborhood. We played outside, had block parties, hung out at each other's houses and ran around outside all day long until the street lights came on. Electronic what? We didn't have a care in the world except building an awesome fort, climbing trees or playing Star Wars or pickle in the middle of the street. My heart was always happy!

I wanted the same for my own family. So recently, our family decided to move to a neighborhood where the girls could play outside. We have been building a house out in the "country" so all six of us (Myself, Eric, Lily, Luna, Momma Jane and Winchester the wiener dog) could all live together and give our kids what my parents gave awesome childhood in an awesome outdoorsy-neighborhood! We have been crammed up in an apartment waiting for our "dream house" to be done but we have finally reached the home stretch cus we move into our new house and our new neighborhood in two weekends!! Yahoooo! I know the moving part will be stressful, but I don't even care...because even being crammed up in this apartment for more than four months has once again reminded me...home really is where the heart is!!


Luna at the new house

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