Ever do the George Washington?

Ever do the George Washington in the pool?

I love to watch kids playing in the pool. They don't even have to be my kids...any kids really! There is just something about the laughter, the fun, the games they play...the fact that they are TOTALLY exhausted when they are done and that means they go to bed earlier! ;)

This weekend my eight year old spent time with a couple of her besties. Saturday she went to her friend Zoe's house for some swim time. They swam for hours and were all over the rafts and did everything they could while wearing goggles! Sunday, she spent time with her friend Reese. Lily and Reese have an affinity for making peace signs in almost every picture we take of them. They also both like to do the George Washington. That's where you go underwater and bring your hair in front of your face and then wrap it back up on top of you head so you look like George Washington. I don't know why, but this makes me laugh so hard!! Like, seriously hard.

Growing up...I loved Summer! I loved swimming with my bestie Valerie and our friends Stacy and Tracy. We always went to Stacy and Tracy's pool and we did the George Washington too, we also played Marco Polo and then we would lay out on the street corner to dry off and get tan. Mind you, we lived in a dead end neighborhood so it wasn't weird for the neighbors to see us kids lying out on the street corner playing our 80's music on the boombox. hee hee I love that we all share the same memories and that we are all still friends to this day even though we are in three different states!

Times may have changed but the fun in the sun hasn't.

What is YOUR favorite summertime pastime?


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