Babies sleeping with you...good idea or bad idea?

I never let either of my babies sleep with us, it was just a choice we made. Many parents do and that's totally fine by me! For me personally though, I was just always afraid I would roll over and squish them or they would end up on the floor. lol I always had them in their own room in their own crib.

While on vacation though, we got into a situation where we had to switch where we were staying at the last minute and where we ended up didn't have a crib. We were forced to let our baby Luna sleep with us and I now have yet another reason why I don't let my babies sleep with me, but this reason is a good one. lol I couldn't stop staring at her the whole entire night. Seriously, it was like I couldn't get enough of soaking up all of her "little-ness" in. I was obsessed with watching her take breaths and listening to the little moans she makes. Sigh. It was everything!

I have two friends who are pregnant and having babies right now and while I don't know what their choices are going to be because it's their personal decision, I definitely do know, I now have a different perspective. While I am still unsure if I would let a baby sleep with me, (if I ever had another one-lol), I may entertain the idea of one of those sweet bassinets that seem to be all the rage right now. This way it would be the best of both worlds!!! Like I am totally loving the Dream bassints from Baby Home.

What did you do with your baby? Co-sleep, bassinet or in their own room? Thanks for weighing in!


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