What do you do with your kids all Summer long?

My eight year old daughter Lily has been at the same Summer Camp for three years now. I love it because not only does it help me out during the day but more importantly, I believe it helps her experience new things. My Momma Jane takes care of the baby while I work in the morning and as much as my eight year old loves her Grandma, I think it would be too much on my mom to have her home all day and I know Lily would become bored and eventually only wanna watch TV or rainbow loom until her ! fingers fell off. lol enter image description here

Her camp has a theme each week so she tries something new and I think that's good for her. This week, she is doing Basketball and last week she was climbing on ropes courses. We are moving soon so unfortunately, I will have to pull her out of this camp before it's over and we will have some time before school starts while we are in the midst of moving. It got me to thinking...what will she do all day? When I was growing up, we played outside allllll day. We drank from a hose, ran through sprinklers, put a towel on the sidewalk and tried to get a tan. Since we will be in the middle of moving, she won't be able to try any of that until next Summer cus we will mostly be indoors so I thought I would ask you guys for some Summer activity suggestions. What do you do with your kids if they are not in Summer Camp?

Thanks peeps!


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