Father's Day is kind of hard when your Daddy is gone

It's weird going through my second Father's Day today without my Daddy here. I thought it would get easier, but it doesn't. Thank goodness for memories!

My Daddy was a great father. Some of my favorite childhood memories are things I did with him. We grew up in California and something fun my dad would do would be take us to Disneyland and we would stay at the Disneyland Hotel. We never really did week long vacations, more like quick trips here and there and I loved it. We always had a great time. Just staying at a hotel for a night was such a treat. Oh and my Daddy always loved to dance too which is where I think I got it from. He would do this funny Chubby Checker "Twist" dance when we would have block parties in our neighborhood and it always made me laugh, although at the time I am sure I was embarrassed. lol I do dances like that in front of my family now and they laugh and it always makes me think of him. He would also take me for walks, just me and him and he taught me that the man was always supposed to walk closest to the street to protect the woman from the cars. I loved that idea and my husband Eric does this all of the time. It's something I really loved about my dad and now about Eric. My dad also always called me Cinderella and Cinnamon and he told me didn't like it when I "crimped" my hair.

One of my favorite pictures is this one of my daddy and me when I was little. It was taken in our backyard in No. Hollywood, CA. I wanted to recreate this picture with my Daddy after Lily was born and we did during one of our visits. I have this framed on our wall and I love it!

I am sad that he is gone but happy that he left me with so many wonderful memories. Thanks for letting me share a few!

Happy Father's Day Daddies!


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