Please tell me your kids do this too!

They say art is subjective right?!

My one and a half year old Luna LOVES to hold pens, crayons, pencils etc in her hand and just like her old sister Lily, she loves to draw. Apparently though, just using them on paper is so blasé! Why write on paper when you can write on walls or perhaps even your own legs, right??

This is what she did recently and I just had to laugh. First it was pencil on the wall...thank goodness for Magic Erasers! Now, it's a pen to the legs. The funny thing is, I can hide all of these things in places she can't reach but all it takes is ONE time for Mommy to accidentally leave her pen out while she is working and BAM...little larcenist Luna strikes again. Maybe I just have a Picasso in the making??!!

Hope you enjoy her most recent work! Share the time your child took art into their own hands... comment below!

Thanks! :o)


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