Mommies and Daddies can wear costumes too!

On our way to the Emerald Ball selfie

Mommies and Daddies can dress up in costumes too! This is what I said to my eight year old daughter Lily when she asked why Mommy and Daddy were dressing up and it wasn't Halloween.

Recently, my hubby and I were invited by our sweet friends Brian and Garnie to attend something called the Emerald Ball which is a charity gala that benefits a really amazing Playhouse in the neighborhood of Serenbe we are moving to, which is South of Atlanta. They are celebrating the Wizard of OZ coming to the Playhouse, so for this event, you were encouraged to wear something green. So my Hubster Eric and I grabbed our little girls and headed to a costume shop to find something to wear to the Emerald Ball. Thank goodness the people at this costume shop were super helpful because we had no idea how we wanted to dress so we were starting from no idea. I think I tried on around 15 outfits. Everything from something very Effie Trinkett-like from the Hunger Games to Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. Nothing seemed to work and also nothing was really fitting right. (Thank you extra weight from 2 kids and Breast, but I digress). I finally settled on a lime green 70's chiffon gown. It actually worked out perfectly because my husband had already picked out a very Sgt. Peppers like costume in a similar color. Of course on his first try...sigh. Men! enter image description here

My husband's costume came with red shoes so I decided we had to match and found a pair of of matching patent leather red high heels. We looked like a couple of neon green Christmas trees with red accents. I spent an hour with some make-up while my eight year old watched in awe. I don't usually wear alot of makeup so the finished product was pretty over the top and the look she and my one and a half year old were giving me was total confusion. Who is this lady with green glitter on her face and what have you done with our Mommy??!! My daughter Lily was so entranced by this whole process because she is usually the one who plays dress up. I loved showing her that no matter how old you are, it's important to have fun. She could see this was true because my husband and I laughed and laughed at our outfits as we headed out the door.

It was such a fun date night at the Emerald Ball and just like Cinderella, Mommy was home before the clock struck 12. Ok full disclosure, it was more like 11pm because Mommy and Daddy just can't party like they used to! The only club we're closing down these days is...Sam's!

xo♥C enter image description here

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