Winner, winner chicken dinner!

I think my kid doesn't like chicken...and maybe all meat. Is this possible?? So both of my kids have been pretty good eaters so far. The only two things I know my eight year old Lily reallllly doesn't like really are peanut butter and mustard. She eats lots of veggies and truthfully, more things than I even like to eat. lol Luna, the baby, who is a year and a half this week is the same and has eaten everything thus far! Until now.

All of a sudden, she has some issue with chicken as in SHE WON'T EAT IT! We ALL loooooove chicken in our family! For real! We also love Mexican and anytime we would go out for it, we would get her grilled chicken fingers and she would eat it like it was going out of style. She ate chicken at home too. Same thing at Taco Mac. We were there once and she annihilated a grilled chicken dinner like nobody's business.'s like chicken is her enemy. She slams it around on her high chair tray and screams bloody murder. I have even tried to hide it in things she likes and she actually pulls it OUT of her mouth, like "come on lady, what do you think I am? An idiot??!!" She had SUCH an epic meltdown at fast food chicken place the other day that the cashiers were all staring at me like I had done something to my child. I l actually left my mom and Lily in the restaurant and walked out with the baby. Although, that may have been more so Mommy wouldn't cry in the middle of the restaurant than Lulu. ha ha This also happens with hamburger, turkey and ham. What in the world?!

How do you go from totally loving a food to despising it? Can someone please help me understand?? Weigh in below!

Thanks! xo♥C

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