How do you feel about kids at weddings?

We are taking Lily to her first wedding today.  First wedding that wasn't mine and Eric's!  Our old Nanny, "Nanny Lauren" as we called her, is marrying her boyfriend Nathan.  Lauren was our Nanny right before I got a divorce when Lily wasn't even two and remained our nanny until Lily was almost five.  She is a sweet girl and deserves a world of happiness.  I am looking forward to this today because I think for Lily, being an eight year old and being able to witness a wedding, is going to be a pretty cool experience for her. I think she will love the pomp and circumstance of it all. She is already looking forward to putting on a pretty dress and it will give her a chance to practice her big girl etiquette. 
I would go to weddings every weekend if I could. I loved my wedding to Eric and I just love two people putting their love on display for everyone to be a part of.  I am a hopeless romantic and I think my daughter is gonna be the same way.  
How do you feel about kids at weddings? Nanny Lauren asked for no small children at her wedding so we will be leaving Baby Luna home with Grandma tonight, but of course said she couldn't wait for Lily to be a part of her day.  We are so thrilled!
Would love to know your thoughts about kids at weddings. Leave your comments below!
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