I think this may be my bah humbug moment!

I am not sending out Christmas cards this year. When my eight year old Lily was born, I did one of those cute Christmas cards with her new baby face on it and it had "Have yourself a Merry Lily Christmas" written as the greeting. Cute right? I have to give props to Robyn Spizman from The Giftionary for coming up with that cute little phrase.

Anywho, I sent them that year and then something happened. Year after year, my motivation for sending Christmas cards started to fade and fade until eventually last year I sent out none. Zero. Nada. Zilch. Now, I could use the "I just had a new baby last year" excuse but that wouldn't be entirely true. I just didn't want to send them.  

The funny thing is my Momma Jane is part of the Hallmark generation. She sends cards for every occasion, EVERY occasion and I love her for that because I used to be the same way until...I wasn't. lol I can't explain it either really. It's just this weird anxiety thing that comes over me.  The thought of buying the cards, writing in them, addressing them, stamping them...it's all too much. And that's if you just do it the old school way. Now, it's like you have to have some amazing Christmas picture of your kid(s) or your family in some amazingly cute matchy outfits. It's all really so wonderful to receive from you but my desire level to make that happen for me and my family is about at a two.

So last year, I took a picture of my family when we happened to be visiting Santa, uploaded it to Facebook with a frame around it and called it a day. I am pretty sure it's gonna be the same this year. lol

Is anyone else like this? I need to know. Comment below!


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