Money, money, money!

I remember growing up in No. Hollywood, California and how hard my childhood BFF Valerie and I did whatever we could in our neighborhood to make money. We had a newspaper, dog walking services, had a homemade candy store, put on shows and did babysitting. We wanted to be financially independent as soon as we could. Little did I know how much money you really did need to make it in this world without your parents help. ha ha
When I was a kid, one of my grown up moments happened when my mom took me over to the bank to open my first savings account at Security Pacific Bank. I got one of those little blue bank books and I thought I was so cool! I thought...I finally arrived. lol  
Fast forward to now and my husband Eric shared that he also had a similar moment with his grandmother. Because of how special that was to him, he said he wanted to be able to take Lily to do the same. Lily has been saving money over the years from her allowances, birthday's etc.  The family rule in our house is Give 1st, Save 2nd and then live on the rest. Thanks for that vaulable lesson Pastor Andy Stanley!
You have probably heard me talk about Delta Community Credit Union on STAR 94 for a few years now and because of that long standing relationship, they are the place we chose to let Lily open up her first bank account. Rebekah with Member Services at the Delta Community Credit Union location in Vinings is who took care of them during their visit. 
As part of Delta Community's Sandy Savers Club, Lily got a pink Delta Community piggy bank and got to toss all of her money down a coin counter. She loved it! Eric did too, he said he felt like he was in Vegas!! They both had a blast and Lily learned a little bit more about money as well as saving it today.  Lily said her goal is to by herself a car when she turns 16.  Although she has a looooong way to go, it makes me happy that she is planning for her future. I am a proud momma!


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