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If you read my Mommy Blog with any regularity, then you know I am a big fan of local companies and local companies that give back. I always say this! I get especially giddy when I come across a company that comes up with something neat and innovative idea as well as makes my life easier!! Here is another one!!
I got an email from a sweet woman named Ashley telling me about her new company called lilywrap!  I was immediately intrigued for obvious reasons. Lily is the name of my eight year old daughter. So what is lilywrap? It's stretchy gift wrap that fits snugly to a variety of package sizes with the same look and style as traditional wrapping paper. It's a versatile, reusable alternative for a unique, custom-wrapped gift. Here's a little more info about how lilywrap came to be from the lilywrap website: Lilywrap was developed by married couple and gift-giving enthusiasts, Ashley and Ryan Edmonds. The idea was spurred by a family holiday which resulted in the usual (and multiple) trash-filled bags of traditional gift wrapping paper. A little research revealed that the average American spends 3 hours wrapping holiday presents (not including, birthdays, wedding showers, baby showers, etc.) and that we create 4 million tons of paper gift wrap waste each year. lilywrap’s core mission is to help gift-wrappers everywhere materially reduce the amount of time and paper wasted in the gift wrapping process by providing stylish, reusable, and convenient wrapping solutions. Where can you get it? Lilywrap gift wraps can be found in retail stores across the Southeast, including small boutiques and eco-friendly stores or online at  Check out my picture below of how I used lilywrap. My BFF Heather Branch's Birthday is today (9/27) and I wrapped all of her presents with lilywrap. SO easy! Easy AND cute!
I talked to Ashley about how she gives back to the community with lilywrap and she said they have worked with several local non-profits since they launched last year, including Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, University of Georgia Terry College of Business, and most recently, the Young Survival Coalition.  Love that because we have worked with Children's for years and tomorrow my daughter Lily and I are getting up early to do the Young Survival Coalition Tour De Pink Walk. Oh and in addition, for Breast Cancer awareness month they will be selling ALL of their wraps for 20% off and then giving 20% of the proceeds to YSC. Oh and then they will MATCH the lilywrap donation in Oct! Yay! You can also check out lilywrap on Facebook and Twitter!
Ashley said that she wants you to check out lilywrap too, so she is going to hook up one of my Mommy Blog readers with a sample gift pack of their best selling Holiday prints (S/M/L) that includes one of each of their holiday prints - Classic Red, Red Plaid, and Red Polka Dot.  See below and make sure you do all of the steps or you can't be qualified! :o) Thanks!

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3. Deadline is FRIDAY, October 4th, 2013 at 5pm!

(CONGRATULATIONS to Mommy Blog winner Keila of Villa Rica)

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