Do you think you can beat our resident pop culture guru at pop culture trivia? Cindy graduated from the "College of Hollywood Knowledge" and is so confident in her pop culture ability, that she is willing to put up $100 of her own money if you can beat her! Cindy goes head to head against STAR 94 Mornings listeners every weekday morning at 7:30 in Can't Beat Cindy! We give Cindy and the listener five pop culture questions and if they get more right than Cindy, they win! However, all ties go to Cindy, of course! Listen in to see how Can't Beat Cindy went today! Read More

Look! It's like you're seeing double!

Yep...maybe I am a geeky mom for doing this, but I don't care! :o) Read More

Another reason to love the Atlanta Braves!

I have loved baseball for as long as I can remember. Growing up in California, I went to Los Angeles Dodgers and California Angels games with my dad all of the time! Since I have lived in Georgia (2003), I have been an Atlanta Braves fan. Read More

OMG...where is the blood coming from???!!

What in the world????? Read More
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