Justin Bieber's Entourage Bribed a Border Official!
Image via Justin Bieber's Twitter

Justin Bieber’s entourage allegedly bribed a Canadian border official with $10,000 in backstage passes — and she’s now been fired. According to multiple reports, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) chief at the Niagara Falls crossing allowed some of Justin’s friends to enter the country when he performed there, even though they shouldn’t have been permitted given their criminal records. The entourage’s scheme was uncovered when a different set of Justin’s friends sought the same preferential treatment sometime after the original bribe happened. It’s not entirely clear when the incident took place, but Justin played in Toronto in July 2013. A spokesperson for the CBSA confirms an investigation of allegations that include “accepting gifts, hospitality and other benefits; acceptances of travel offer from a third party and misuse of government electronic networks; abuse of authority; and, engaging in preferential treatment.” The alleged bribe was described as “serious misconduct.”

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