National Freedom Day

Posted By: Cindy Simmons · 1/15/2013 10:12:00 AM
I'm sure you have heard me talk about the organization Wellspring Living as well as the issue of Sex Trafficking in Atlanta. It is something I learned about a year and a half ago while we were planning our wedding. Our wedding photographer Andy Brophy, opened our eyes to it and now my husband Eric and I can't stop talking about it. We talk about it because so many people (just like how we used to be) don't even know that this problem exists right in our own backyard. I think the thing that really threw me is how prevolent it is outside the perimeter, ya know...OTP! This isn't just a "downtown Atlanta" thing. Can you believe that Atlanta is one of the major hubs for human trafficking and childhood sex exploitation in the United States. Ugh!
On December 31st 2012, President Obama gave a proclamation declaring January 2013 National Slavery and ...

Meet my new co-host Jimmy Alexander!!!!

Posted By: Cindy Simmons · 11/28/2012 8:37:00 AM

Jimmy is my new STAR 94 Mornings co-host and I.LOVE.HIM.ALREADY! I have gotten to know Jimmy very well recently and I am confident you are going to adore him just as much as I do. I wanted to share some things with you that I have learned about Jimmy so you can start to get to know him too.
OK, so the first thing I learned about Jimmy is that he is a very sweet and genuinely kind person. He is also super funny and makes me literally laugh out loud. He is always in a good mood and has such a positive attitude about life. He is very thoughtful and generous too. In fact, the first time I met him, he brought my seven year old daughter Lily a t-shirt and hat from The White House. She was super excited and wants to wear ...

Hey ladies, I would love your help!

Posted By: Cindy Simmons · 9/18/2012 7:30:00 AM

Helllloooooooooo peeps!
It's been a while since I've written here. But as some of you may know, I'm having a baby in about 5 1/2 WEEKS! Yes, 5 1/2 WEEKS. Crazy I know! So, the last few months I have been updating the baby blog, but I have not been posting regularly here. But today that is changing because I want to share something that is near and dear to my heart and something new they are doing. As most of you know, I am a huge supporter of Wellspring Living and the fight against the sexual exploitation of women and children here in Atlanta.

Wellspring Living has been around since 2001 addressing the issue of childhood sexual abuse and exploitation of women and girls. Wellspring Living has been recognized nationally and internationally as an expert in the field of human trafficking.
Did you know:
·       100 ...

Hey New Moms!

Posted By: Cindy Simmons · 4/10/2012 8:10:00 AM

Hey new Moms! Got questions?

So I love to read!!! I buy tons of books with the best of in to read them. See, this is the problem. I love to read but I never have the time. I have about five books sitting on my nightstand and I haven't had one second to read any of them! Seriously!  I am a big fan of the website COOL MOM PICS and COOL MOM TECH. In fact, Kristen Chase from both of those websites is a frequent guest on our morning show.  Recently, I saw that COOL MOM PICKS posted this new book called "How to Rock Your Baby". When I saw the post, I thought "Wow, that would have been a cool book to have read when I first became a parent!" So I thought, I am gonna post it here for all of the new mommies to check out and ...

What is P.O.C??

Posted By: Cindy Simmons · 1/26/2012 8:45:00 AM

P.O.C (aka Pop of Color)

When we were in Paris for our Honeymoon, I promised myself that since we were doing Paris on a budget that I would not go crazy with Parisian shopping. However, I was rendered powerless when I walked by a shop in the little area of Marais and saw a beautiful bright orange bag in the window of a store called Cabaz Design. I walked in and said "I MUST HAVE THIS!" to my new hubster Eric. Since I was so good about not shopping our entire trip AND it was our last day in Paris, guess what I got?? (See orange purse below).  After we came back, I read on the COOL MOM PICKS website that Pantone's color of the year is Tangerine Tango. It all made sense, like it was meant to be. lol I really am a big fan of pops of color in my wardrobe, ...


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