Ice Bucket Challenge FAIL

You should really know how a bucket works before you try to take on the Ice Bucket Challenge... Read More

OMG -- It's HERE! The "Saved By the Bell" Lifetime movie trailer!

Watch the trailer for the new 'behind the scenes' movie about Saved by the Bell! Read More

This Robin Williams tribute will give you goosebumps in less than a minute

'Jack' is one of those movies I still text my sister about every single time it's on TV. See how long this fitting tribute takes to give you goosebumps. Read More

Jimmy Fallon takes on 'House of Cards' (VIDEO)

If you love Jimmy Fallon or House of Cards, you'll love the two mixed together. The Tonight show created their own hilarious "House of Cue Cards" parody. Read More

Watch these surfers get ambushed by a seal!

This overly friendly seal hung out with these surfers for about an hour. Apparently, he even followed them to shore! Read More
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